Aftermath Prayer

Aftermath Prayer

to the aftermath of the battle with my oldest enemy
there isn’t that much left to be said
as always I fall way too short
am not sufficient, nor willing to pay the price
that some non existent ideal demands
too tired, too bored, relaxed, angry
nervous, disappointed, disheartened
disillusioned, disgusted, impatient
distracted, confused, used to mediocrity
dressed in a stream of consciousness
that lacks any conscience, water
an empty riverbed with a rotten boat
where I find myself drawing circles with a stick
mumbling something about balance
or whatever the fuck goes through my brain
too critical about some hypothetical problem
unsolvable with an analytical way of masturbating
to the image of Christ in pain,
ah – too far to get anywhere practical
too shallow to be considered a clown
maybe a terrorist
a terrorist who wants to explode the world
explode onto the world, disintegrate completely
melt into a whirlpool of atoms chaotically moving
swaying, dancing in the oxygen molecules you inhale
inside you – in your lungs, in your blood, in your heart
in every vein – far up in a corner of your brain
where you keep the button – the control room – the reset button
I press it and just as I came I leave
with an exhale,
poof I’m gone, it’s all done
you’ve just been terrorized into opening your third eye
pineal gland activated to satiate some bullshit about being one
enlightenment free of charge
straight from a discharged errorist that orgets etters
un eh?
back into the pen I go
ink waiting to be splattered onto paper
pig waiting to be slaughtered
an idea waiting to be misused, abused
just like the rape fantasies of fourth wave feminists
or dreams of domination meninists jerking each other off
cum dripping down lips, ready to be swallowed
come now, I’m allowed to speak, right?
it’s not madness if it’s voluntary
some strange canary in the coalmine
let’s not forget you’re the miners
I’m just doing what I’m told, like a good boy
I’m just speaking the truth, like a man
no in between allowed anymore,
hey, at least I didn’t say nigger
oh – oof
that was retarded, spoken like a true faggot
or some kike cunt genderfluid trans
jewish muslim terrorist
something along that line
some divine rhyme to scry my own downfall
terrorist blasphemer, Satan’s redeemer
free spirit, ancient Lovecraftian god
an eye opens to destroy reality
awakening from a dream where I don’t seem
so easily amused by being confused
by my own senility
servility towards the global occult illuminati
lizard men Bill Gates ruled vaccine genocide
500 million is the ideal number
be fruitful and multiply
now, now seems like I’ve forgotten
to take my medicine
time and again nothing left to gain
except a farewell that doesn’t come
it’s long overdue –
I’ll pay what I owe just allow me to bestow
some advice brought in by the tow truck
with a flat tire
you should probably have yourself checked
there’s a tapeworm infestation coming
the music they play is quite shitty
or so I hear;

Fear not the words, nor the man
be afraid of the silent sheep
blindly following the scriptures of the wolves.

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