afghan Taliban Is Occupying afghanistan Very Fast And afghan Army Is Spineless Coward

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One More Thing Is That Pakistan And Pak Army Zindabaad


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  1. Pakistani media and powerfull people alway misguide their population very sad reality. Even ur education system is collapsing ur genius minds questioning the fake history ur teaching to the children.

  2. Afghan Taliban will eradicate drugs issue, ban Kabul Mandi, ban pornography, ban compounding interest debt, bring an Islamic economic system to lift oppression of inflation recessions and stagflation, the Afghan Taliban will destroy destroy TTP hideouts, destroy BLA hideouts, destroy Daesh & Destroy ISIS.
    With Afghan Taliban in Power Pakistan and Afghanistan will BOTH be secure and stable.
    Zindahaabād Pakistan Army and ÌSÍ, Zindahaabād Afghān Taliban ❗ 💪🏼🇵🇰❤️🇦🇫

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