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  1. I am a baby boomer and I would say we were the last generation to have a real education, I found my child born in 86 to be taught by lazy teachers to which no common sense had been imparted. I don't take serious offence to those who mistakenly group by association on subjects as am guilty myself at times. This was interesting subjects that are presented from your position. Do you have anything which might enlighten me on spiritual communication that is not new age but embraces facts other than empirical facts to which I'm already knowledgeable to support this position.

  2. I got into argument with my mom we’re both cradle orthodox she said the Jesus preached peace and unity; it’s explicitly not true if you look at what Jesus said though. Do these people not believe? Or have they just been deceived?

  3. I have read Herodotus and Homer as well as Thucydides and Xenophon, much of Plutarch and Arrian. I would highly recommend that anyone has not read a good number of Greek and Roman historians and philosophers that they make time to. That is what education used to mean. The Trivium is also something people need to read up on.

  4. And your point on educating yourself is spot on. I hated school as it was boring, but I still like learning. So grateful that I have the internet as a resource/cheat book. And my attention is that of a fruit fly😂

  5. This is off topic but im struggling w it and im getting smart and studied men’s opinion; is smoking weed for recreation a sin? I enjoy it, have dropped it, and am feeling like picking it up socially and occasionally, but if its sinful, id rather not touch it again. Great video btw, gonna watch that debate next👍

  6. Thanks for what you do… I'm about to finish Believe! And will read the face on mars soon. You mention so many books and my list keeps growing. Not a bad problem to have. I think Believe! Will be the first book I've finished in over a decade, so much wasted time but it's ok I'm not despairing. Might talk to a coworker about a Catholic church and possibly convert if it feels right and I don't see any reason why it won't at the moment.

  7. Interesting how they actually slow the development of technology down because of health and safety. I am grateful to you because you put pressure on me, part of laziness is everybody else is lazy and there is no pressure. Once pressure is applied people usually stop being lazy. So you saying people are dumb, ignorant, lazy, useless millennial's and then saying look it is simple I can do it, here is how you can do it, people don't have that in their lives. So constructive pressure, rather than destructive pressure is important.

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