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  1. well a lot of bs from the fallen. i believe we should stay in faith, no matter the situation. but thanks for the video, liked it anyway.

  2. The Tribulation and the Wrath of God are different. The Tribulation is what the Antichrist will do to God's people similar to the persecution the early church endured. The wrath of God is what will occur to people who are not born again/lovers of the world/themselves. To add to the list of Albums covers Muse's 2003 Absolution has a man looking up to the sky with the shadow of people floating above him (rapture?) and in one hand he is holding a mask.

  3. Could it be that Nuclear Weapons are a Hoax, just like Hollywood and the Federal Reserve?

    Unlimited money is taken from taxpayers to keep them in a state of fear?

    Hiroshima Nagasaki and even Chernobyl are regular normal places today.

    Pictures of Tokyo after the war looked the same, just firebombed.

    Wooden houses burned down, but many Steele structures did not.

    Could it be that Hiroshima was a Lie and that it was just plainly firebombed?

    All the pictures of Nuclear tests had Hollywood producers working on them.

    Can anyone really give concrete proof that there ever was a Nuclear explosion?

    Or do we trust the same system that has lied about everything else?


  4. Wouldn't it be more helpful to talk about how to undo the damage? For instance, with the mask? Stand up. Don't wear them. Hold government officials accountable by stealing them. Use your rights. Instead of scaring people silly why don't you do something constructive here.

  5. Wow I finally found you frank! I was subscribed to your other channel wkth no content. Glad I get to see the truth once more. Subscribed again and going to bunge watch tonight. Thanks

  6. Life is a precious gift. Death means nonexistence anywhere. No such thing as "living dead". One is either or.

    This twisted world is quickly coming to its finale' and over 7 billion rebellious humans worldwide whose thoughts, feelings,actions,and speech are wayward,brazen,willful,deceitful, and slanderous are about to go into nonexistence forever and be forgotten at the Great Day of Wrath at anytime Now!

    Life forever will be only given to those deserving of it.

  7. These festivals are for the weak minded! Such as the Burning Man was a ritual type of Festival. Why would you go to a festival call The Burning Man? So much ignorance in this world I am so glad that were on the edge where the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back!

  8. Lol The thing they’re not telling is , is that it never was a competition from the start. They just need you to believe that one exist / it never did. Choose your path wisely .

  9. If I was at that festival, I would of left immediately, how f@#$%& creepy, no thank you. And I just watched the mayor of Los Angeles telling everyone no traveling for the next 4 weeks, dont go anywhere, not the store, no where…. wtf? We need to get all of us Jesus people together and we need to have a serious prayer with our heavenly father in Jesus name and we need not to isolate we need to be strong in our strength with this and All COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT THIS EVIL SHIT , PLEASE GOD IN YASHUAS NAME HELP US.

  10. Why were Nagasaki and Hiroshima built up so quickly, after the bomb? People lived normaly after!?
    And why are all type of animals live near tschernobyl?!
    Without deformations?
    Don't be afraid!
    The elites lied about everything…

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