1980s Afghanistan Footage

A compilation of rare footage from 1980s Afghanistan featuring footage of President Mohammad Najibullah, a PDPA propaganda film, and scenes of daily life across the nation during the Soviet-Afghan war.

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00:00 Portrait of King Mohammed Zahir Shah
00:05 Photograph of Mohammed Daoud Khan
00:20 King Mohammed Zahir Shah US Visit with President John F. Kennedy (Washington D.C. 1963)
00:54 Soviet-Afghan War Memorial Service (c. 1989)
01:15 Mohammed Najibullah at a Red Army Military Review (Kabul, 1986)
04:35 People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan Propaganda Film
14:31 Afghan Musicians Performing (c. 1980s)
15:59 Russian News Report of Afghanistan (c. 1980s)

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Journeyman Pictures – Ref. 1240

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  1. Soviet afgan war ? The URSS bring peace and progress to afganistan.
    The soviets were there supporting the communist government which was elected for theirs citizens : Then the USA begins to use dirty tricks to destroy afganistan and create the Mujahedeen the today Talibanes.

  2. The UK Brutally Invaded Afganistan and made an India Man the King of Afghanistan over the True Descendants of Afghanistan 12 Kings & Queens including Queen Elizabeth the first who Married one of the Kings of Afghanistan and was the Queen of Kabul, Afganistan by Marriage to King John, which they are Vehemenently hiding from the World. USA/UK Genociders BLATANTLY LIED on the Taliban; USA Government Terrorizes & Brutally Tortures People Daily who are Cherokee Indians, Oneness Apostolics, & MUSLIMs!!! DEATH TO AMERICA SLAVETRADERS!!😭😭The MURDERERS of the USA Government proclaim the BIBLE all Day Long!!! MURDERED over 10 Million especially in Iraq & Afganistan, & calls HOLY Islamic people TERRORISTS!!! 🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️🌹🌹🌹

  3. Biggest course of Afganistan is Pakistan and USA. Beautiful country turn to be fundamentals Play ground and graveyard on innocent people.

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